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Sleeping Driver Crashes into Barn then Takes out Pole - GFD - 01/18/2008


Driver sideswipes barn then takes out pole

GOSHEN - Fire and Police Department members along with EMT's from Highland Ambulance responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident at 12:30AM Friday.

The accident, which occured on Route 9 in the Lithia section of Goshen, caused damage to a barn owned by Fran and Linda Judd.  In addition, the Dodge Ram pick-up truck, driven by Stephen Manley of Easthampton, hit a telephone pole with enough force that it snapped approximately 10 feet above the ground before coming to rest in an adjacent driveway.  The airbags in the vehicle were deployed.  At the time of the accident, approximately 2 inches of snow was covering the roadway.

Both Manley and his passenger John Bernashe of Granby MA refused treatment.


Front end damage

Obvious front end damage can be seen where the vehicle came in contact with the telephone pole.

Tracks in blue

Goshen police officer Donna Hewes prepares to investigate the accident.  The path taken by the vehicle can be seen by the tire marks left in the snow bank on the right of the picture.  The broken telephone pole, which appears to be leaning against the barn, can be seen in the background.

Dodge and barn

Another view of the vehicle with the broken telephone pole in the background.  Notice how the pole was snapped approximately 10 feet off the ground.

Getting ready to be towed

A worker from Leibenow's towing can be seen attaching a cable to the front end of the Dodge Pick-up before he loads in onto a flat bed tow truck.  Emergency vehicles can be seen in the background parked on Route 9.

Foundation damage

This view, looking West towards the Spruce Corner Restaurant, shows the path taken by the truck as it left the roadway and the damage done to the foundation of the barn.

Side of barn

A faint black line found at the base of the barn shows where the trucks front tire came in contact with the building.

Snowy silhouette

Captain Steve Mollison (left), Chief Sue Labrie (holding flashlight, center) and Lieutenant Dustin Culver (right) size up the scene during the middle of a snow storm.

(Friday, January 18, 2008)