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Open Air Fires



Open burning season is from January 15th - May 1st, weather permitting.

One written permit must be obtained before any open burning is allowed each season.  To get a permit you must call the Goshen Fire Department at (413) 268-7161 (extension 2).  Fire Department personnel will need to inspect the site before a permit is issued (only once per season).  Once you have your written permit, you only need to call the station the morning of the intended burn between the hours on 9:00 and 11:00 AM.  Listen to the outgoing message to see if burning is allowed that day based on weather conditions at the time.  Leave your name, address, and phone number to let us know you will be burning on that day.   If weather conditions change, we need to be able to contact you to extinguish the fire.  You need to call the station each day you intend to burn.

There is no fee for the permit or inspection.

  • Burning is only allowed between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
  • Open burning must be done at least 75 feet from all dwellings.
  • An adult must be with the fire at all times.
  • Have a garden hose or water source as well as a rake readily available.
  •  Only brush, cane, driftwood, and forestry debris can be burned.  No burning of trash, grass, hay, leaves, stumps, tires or full size trees will be allowed.
  • You must call the station each day you intend to burn.  High winds or extremely dry conditions will negate open burning.