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Motorcycle vs. Moose - Moose Wins - GFD - 09/18/2007


A Series of Unfortunate Events

GOSHEN - In what can only be described as a series of unfortunate events, the lives of several people were changed forever.

It was around 8PM on Tuesday night.  The sensors of a backyard spotlight on Sears Road are triggered by some sort of mysterious movement in the dark.  When the occupant of the home investigated, they peered outside to see a moose scampering away into the nearby woods.

Moments later, Joan Griswold hears a noise outside her window.  She describes it as a groan and asks her husband Gary to see what's going on.  Once outside, Gary realizes that someone is hurt and is lying on the ground on the street in front of his house.

Andrew Bothwell, who also lives on Sears Road, was making his daily ride home from work on his motorcycle.  It was dark so he wasn't traveling that fast.  According to Andy, he just had enough time to utter the words "Oh no!" before hitting the moose that was running across the road.  Andy lost control of his bike and slid on the pavement before coming to a stop, along with his bike, at the end of the Griswold's driveway.

Members of the Goshen Fire Department and Highland Ambulance used a technique called a 'standing backboard' as a precaution to stabilize Andy Bothwell before lowering him onto a waiting stretcher. 

Lucky for Andy, the fire department was conducting their usual Tuesday night training down off of East Street so response time was fairly rapid.

Several days later, Jerry Bird who is the owner of the Spruce Corner Restaurant in the Lithia section of Goshen, offered to help return Andy's Harley to the fellow snowmobile club member's home.  With the help of Andy's son John, the two wrestled the bike onto Jerry's trailer then slowly made their way to the Bothwell's garage.  During the trip up the hill, the weight of the bike shifted to the back of the trailier.  While preparing to unload the bike, the trailer's tailgate which was now under pressure, sprang open and caught Jerry's hand under it breaking his little finger.  "I knew it was broken right away when I couldn't feel it" Jerry later said while recounting the story.

In the end, this series of unfortunate events has left us with Andy's broken thumb and a few bumps and bruises, Gerry's broken finger, a sore moose that's missing a clump of fur and stories that will last a lifetime.

Andy's motorcycle had to be uprighted and moved to the side of the roadway in order to minimize his movements. 

Andy Bothwell is lifted into the back of the Highland Ambulance by fire department personnel then was transported to Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton.

The Fire Department was given permission by Mr. Bothwell to publish these photos.

(September 18th, 2007)