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Hot Spot Hazards Taught at New Hingham


Hot Spot Hazards Taught at New Hingham

Terry Welch (Chesterfield Fire Department) showing New Hingham students the props used to teach Hot Spots.

Terry Welch (on left in blue top) of the Chesterfield Fire Department discusses hot spots in the home with students at New Hingham Regional Elementary School.

CHESTERFIELD - Chief Sue Labrie of the Goshen Fire Department and Terry Welch of the Chesterfield Fire Department visited the New Hingham School on March 7th to teach another S.A.F.E. lesson to the students.  This is the third lesson of the school year and taught the students about “Hot Spots”.  These are places in and around the house where a fire could start or someone could get burned.  The room was set up with props to simulate fire hazards and the students were then led through and allowed to fix the problems and make the room safe. 

The younger students were walked through the hazards and shown how to fix them.  The older students were asked to identify each of the problems and show the instructors how to correct each situation.  Some of the simulated problems were a space heater too close to bedding and cigarettes near the bed, overloaded electrical outlets and extension cords run under rugs, items too close to the fireplace and electrical appliances near the bath tub, the kitchen and outdoor grill areas were also represented with hazards.

The students were sent home with a newsletter explaining the lesson to other family members as well as a Home Fire Prevention Checklist.  The children were then asked to act like detectives at home and work with family members to identify and fix any of the home hazards in their own homes and the homes of other family members and friends.

Students were also reminded to change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when they changed their clocks for daylight savings.  Did you change yours?

(Wednesday March 7th, 2007)