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Fire Safety Field Day - Summer '07


9th Annual Fire Safety Field Day a Success

CHESTERFIELD - In the culmination of a year long effort to teach fire and life safety awareness to students enrolled at the New Hingham Regional Elementary School in Chesterfield, S.A.F.E. Coordinators Sue Labrie and Terry Welch led a group of 13 volunteer firefighters, 2 EMT's from Highland Ambulance and 3 Division of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) patrolmen who effectively took over the school on May 30th ~ the 9th annual Fire Safety Field Day.

One of the many highlights of the day for students was the announcement of the winners of the Tobacco Safety Contest.  Students were asked to take what they learned during the lesson they had in school back on April 25th.

Congratulations to all the participants for doing such a great job!  

Cece Thomas Grade 5 (First Place)

Cece Thomas Grade 5 (First Place)

In her winning poster, Cece disects a body in two to show the effects smoking has on the circulatory and respiratory systems.  Cece adds that "A smoker dies 13 to 14 years earlier then a non-smoker" and "At least 28 chemicals in smokeless tobacco can cause Cancer."  Cece won a $75 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

Amber Batchelder Grade 5 (Second Place)

Amber Batchelder Grade 5 (Second Place)

In this poster, Amber illustrates the difference between the life of someone who uses tobacco products (left) and someone who chews bubble gum (right).  "Think about it...which would you rather:  be dead or have bubble gum on your face?  It's your decision...but be SMART!".  Amber won a $50 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

Meaghan Carey Grade 5 (Tie - Third Place)

Meaghan Carey Grade 5 (Tie - Third Place)

Meaghan won a $25 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

Sylena Gougeon Grade 5 (Tie - Third Place)

Sylena Gougeon Grade 5 (Tie - Third Place)

Sylena won a $25 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

Cece Thomas Grade 5 (First Place), Amber Batchelder Grade 5 (Second Place), Meaghan Carey Grade 5 (Tie - Third Place), Sylena Gougeon Grade 5 (Tie - Third Place) take time to pose with their winning illustrations.

Kindergarten Class learning about danger spots and safety issues in the Hazard House as taught by Goshen Firefighter Frank Burnett and Chesterfield's S.A.F.E. Coordinator Terry Welch.  This dollhouse was used to teach fire and life safety to students from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade. 

Captain Anthony "Tommy" Thomas (GFD) and Firefighter Tim Judd (CFD) assist Junior Firefighters with their turnout gear.  In this exercise, the instructors explain the importance of each piece of our gear as the gear is put on from turnout suit to SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus).  Afterwards, students try on junior sized turnout gear to see what they'd look like as firefighters.

Firefighter Doc Leduc (CFD)  judges the Junior Firefighters Mini Muster for Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Graders.  In this challenge, students participated in a 'midnight alarm' where they donned helmets, jackets and boots then raced to pick up a 1 1/2" booster line and took aim at the flames shooting out of the muster house.  After the fire was brought under control, the team had to respond to a medical emergency and help Charlie McCarthy onto a stretcher and run to the finish line.  The team with the fastest time and fewest penalties won.

Captain Steve Mollison (GFD) teaches home fire prevention and escape plans to Third Graders from the comfort of the S.A.F.E. trailer.  Other lessons taught are hot spots, how to call 911 using the trailer's phone, the importance of home escape plans, how to feel the door for heat with the backs of their hands and how to crawl low under smoke.

Smokey Bear takes time out of his busy schedule to pose with New Hingham Preschoolers.  Students were treated to stickers and a story book depicting Smokey Bear's history.  Also, various safety skills were reviewed and practiced.  Each student demonstrated the proper Stop, Drop and Roll technique using flame monsters, how to crawl low under smoke, how to feel a door with the backs of their hands, how to follow a wall to get out of a building.  They also practiced calling 911 with phones.  One thing emphasized during this segment of the days events was when a child would perform a Stop, Drop and Roll versus escaping from a room.

Helping Smokey Bear distribute this learning material are Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Forest Fire Patrollmen Rob Hanacek (left of Smokey Bear) and Gil Loud (right of Smokey Bear).

Rob Hanacek (left) and Gil Loud (right) assist Smokey Bear by handing out fire prevention literature to Amber Batchelder, Grade 5, and the rest of her classmates.

In one of her last acts as Principal of New Hingham Elementary School, Principal Ms. Sylvia Santucci receives a great big bear hug from Smokey Bear.

(May 30th, 2007)