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Easter Morning Fire Destroys Duplex - GFD - 04/08/2007


Easter Morning Fire Destroys Duplex

Photos courtesy of Stephen McGrath - Westhampton Fire Department


EASTHAMPTON - Goshen firefighters responded to a mutual aid call from Easthampton Fire with the Hampshire County Air Supply truck early Sunday morning.


Easthampton firefighters responded to the initial call at 5-7 Arlington Street in their city for a structure fire which came in just after midnight.  According to reports from the scene, a working fire was discovered on the back porch that was making its way into the main portion of the building.  A second alarm was sounded which brought firefighters from Northampton, Southampton and Westhampton to the scene.  Firefighters from Williamsburg were called to do station coverage for Northampton.


As a result of an interior attack of the fire, twenty-one SCBA (Self-contained Breathing Apparatus) air bottles were filled over a 4-hour period.  Most of the bottles were of the 4,500-PSI variety, which provide firefighters with approximately 45 minutes of air when donned.


Northampton firefighters position their ladder truck above the roof to vent the attic.  Notice the smoke billowing out of most of the second floor windows and under the eves.  This is the "A" side of the building.  The fire started on the back porch or "C" side of the building.

The bucket of the ladder truck from Northampton is enveloped in smoke as they vent the attic.

Notice the smoke now billowing out of the vent hole cut by Northampton firefighters.  This reduces the amount of heat encountered by firefighters inside the structure.

The bucket of the ladder truck from Northampton is enveloped in smoke as they vent the attic.

Fire breaches the attic window on the "D" side of the building.

Firefighters use salvage covers to protect the car on the street from fire damage.

Most of the visible fire is not contained to the interior of the building.  Notice that smoke is no longer billowing out of the windows or the vent that was cut into the hole of the roof.

Lt. Bob Labrie fills SCBA bottles in the Hampshire County Air Supply Truck while firefighter / EMT Ken Whitten documents the name, size and date each bottle was last tested into the trucks log book.

(April 8, 2007)