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Fire Safety Field Day marks 10 years - GFD - 06/03/2008


Fire Safety Field Day marks 10th anniversary

CHESTERFIELD - In what has become a tradition at New Hingham Regional Elementary School, members of the Goshen and Chesterfield Fire Departments worked together to reinforce fire safety and prevention skills taught to students earlier in the year.  Joining in the days events was a crew from Highland Ambulance, members of the Goshen Police Department, Northampton Control (our areas 9-1-1 dispatch center) and a squad from the Massachusetts Division of Conservation and Recreation.  Smokey Bear also made a surprise appearance.

During the welcome program, the results of the Tobacco Poster contest were announced.  Winners included Rory Liimatainen (1st place), Kelsey Welch (2nd place), Madeline Davidson (3rd place) and an honorable mention for Samantha Ames.  See their posters below:

10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

Rory Liimatainen (First Place)

In his winning poster, Rory gave examples of why it's not cool to smoke (yellow teeth, over 200 'bad things in cigarettes' and the addicting nature of the habit).  Rory won a $75 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton for his efforts.

Madeline Davidson's winning poster

 Kelsey Welch (Second Place)

In her winning poster, Kelsey illustrates the results of making the right choice on your lungs.  Kelsey won a $50 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

Kelsey Welch's winning poster

Madeline Davidson (Third Place)

In her winning poster, Madeline weighs the advantages of not smoking (healthy heart, lungs and teeth) with the disadvantages of smoking (unhealthy heart and lungs and missing or discolored teeth).  Madeline was awarded a $25 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

Samantha Ames winning poster

Samantha Ames (Honorable Mention)

This entry by Samantha Ames was good enough to win her an honorable mention.  In it, she recognizes the number of signs that exist in the world directing us as to what we should do but very few of them tell you to quit smoking.  Samantha won a $10 gift certificate from A 2 Z Science and Learning in Northampton.

The day's program represented the 5th Student Awareness and Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) lesson taught by the volunteers in this academic year.  Throughout the day, students rotated through several skill stations which included a mini-muster, demonstrations of turnout gear and fire extinguishers along with presentations on forest fire prevention, hazards in the home and a tour of the Highland Ambulance.

The uniform of the day was a brightly colored yellow S.A.F.E. t-shirt which all students and teachers received courtesy of the fire departments.


10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

Chesterfield firefighter Drew Morse (left, in white socks) and Goshen Captain Anthony "Tommy" Thomas teach students the importance of turnout gear - how it's worn, how and when it's used and why.  After the demonstration, students were given the chance to try on junior firefighter gear.

10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

From left to right, Madeline Mayer, Will Bissell (with a quick splint over his head), Abby Goodnow, Dustin Mollison, EMT Sarah Healy (in blue), Gavin Hendricks and Paramedic Matt Malone.  

10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

Without fail, a crew from the Division of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) makes an appearance and does their part to add variety to the days curriculum.  Pitching in this year were (left to right) Cory McGill, Evan Briant, Rob Hanecek and Gil Loud.

10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

Goshen 's Deputy Chief Rick Clark and  Chesterfield Firefighter Lars Holmberg demonstrate the proper use of fire extinguishers.

10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

Rob Hanecek (seated and gestering with his hands) talks about forest fire prevention, taking care of Smokey's home and not playing with matches or lighters to Mrs. Hendry and Ms. Carey's first grade class.

10th Annual Fire Safety Field Day

Terry Welch, Chesterfield's S.A.F.E. Coordinator, demonstrates various home hazards using Sparky's Hazard House to Ms. Sullivan's 4th grade class.  The Hazard House, which is owned by the Department of Fire Services (DFS) is available to area departments that are trained in its use.

(Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008)