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Car rolls over trying to avoid porcupine - GFD - 07/01/2008


Car rolls over trying to avoid porcupine

WILLIAMSBURG - Williamsburg firefighters and Highland Ambulance personnel from Goshen responded to a rollover accident on Route 9 just east of the Goshen town line.  First arriving units confirmed the rollover and reported that the occupant, 49 year old Lisa Bailey, was out of the vehicle.  Bailey, who was not wearing a seat belt, was driving east on Route 9 towards Williamsburg just after 9 p.m. when she swerved to avoid a porcupine that was crossing the roadway.   The action caused her to loose control of her car and come in contact with a drainage culvert on the side of the road.  The front nose of the car then pivoted over the drain cover and landed on it's roof.

In spite of her best efforts, Bailey's car hit the porcupine which was later put down by Williamsburg police.

Bailey was transported to Cooley Dickinson Hospital by Highland Ambulance as a precaution.  She was treated at the hospital and released later that evening.

A injured porcupine lies in a drainage ditch as emergency crews block off the roadway  to oncoming traffic.  The car that rolled over can be seen on its roof behind the 2 orange cones in the in the middle of the photo.

Williamsburg Firefighter Alan Everett casts a long shadow as he sizes up the rollover scene.  The orange cones mark the drainage catch basin that the car hit when it swerved to avoid the porcupine.  Speedy Dry was used to soak up oil that was draining from the overturned car's engine.

Porucupine quills were strewn all over the roadway.

Williamsburg police monitor the scene while waiting for a tow truck to arrive.  The streaks of light at the top of this time exposure were made by the lights of passing cars.

Williamsburg firefighters stand next to the open drainage culvert to make certain no one takes a wrong step.

Longtime Williamsburg firefighter Jerry Pelkey looks over underside of what's left of the car.

Lights from Williamsburg's Engine 4 and local TV station Channel 40 illuminate the rollover scene as a tow truck operator prepares to right the vehicle.

(Tuesday, July 1, 2008)