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Careless disposal of a cigarette butt blamed for Noho fire - GFD - 04/24/2008


Careless disposal of a cigarette butt blamed for Noho fire

9 Shepherds Hollow


Portable lights illuminate the front of the house on Shepherds Hollow just as firefighters begin overhaul operations to snuff out hot spots.


Northampton - Shortly after midnight Thursday morning, firefighters from 12 communities - including Goshen - worked together to extinguish a fire at a Shepherds Hollow home in NORTHAMPTON.


According to the State Fire Marshall’s office, the fire was the result of the careless disposal of smoking material.  Published reports indicate that a cigarette butt was placed in a dried out potted plant on the back porch of the home.  The pot ignited the wicker furniture, which in turn ignited the porch, which in turn ignited the house.


9 Shepherds Hollow - back of house


The rear porch, which is where the fire is believed to have started, can be seen to the left of the picture as firefighters work in shifts to extinguish any remaining fire.


Goshen responded with a 2,000-gallon tanker which helped supplement the water supply being used to suppress the fire.  During the tanker shuttle operation, the Goshen unit made 7 round trips from the fill site at the corner of Kennedy Road and Chesterfield Road in Williamsburg.  There, a Williamsburg engine that was stationed on the bridge at the end of Kennedy road, extracted water from a brook that flowed out of the Upper Reservoir and filled additional tankers from Chesterfield and Westhampton.  The fill station was approximately 1.5 miles away from the fire ground.


9 Shepherds Hollow - portable tank


Water from Chesterfield's tanker is dumped into one of two portable tanks that were set up at the top of the driveway at 9 Shepherd's Hollow.


Shepherds Hollow is a narrow private way in the Leeds section of Northampton.  As a result, each filled tanker unit travelled down Chesterfield Road and staged at the corner of Shepherds Hollow until they were called in by the Water Supply Officer on the scene.  Upon arrival, the tankers dumped their liquid cargo into portable tanks positioned at the top of the driveway of the home.  From there, water was pumped down to the home by Amherst firefighters.  Well over 50,000 gallons of water were transported to the fire scene through the tanker shuttle operation.


The sun was rising by the time Goshen units made it back to the station several hours later.

(Thursday, April 24th, 2008)