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New Burning Procedures Implemented - Country Journal - 01/25/2007


Reprinted with permission from the pages of the Country Journal

January 25, 2007

By Lisa Connell

 New Burning Procedures Implemented

GOSHEN – Fire Chief Sue Labrie says there are new burning permit procedures.  No longer should people be calling former chief Francis Dresser at home.  Instead, they need to call the fire station at 268-7161.

With the new procedures people are going to need one paper permit for a burning season, which runs from Jan. 15 to May 1.  In order for people to get a burning permit, an inspection of their brush pile will have to be done by the new chief.

After they have their permit, they have to call the fire station the day before they want to burn.  On the answering machine they need to leave their name, number and address, and listen to the message saying whether or not burning is allowed on that day.

The rules for burning have not changed.  There’s no burning within 75 feet of a structure and only brush can be burned, no logs or hay or construction debris.

While the procedures are a little different, they will allow the Fire Department to keep track of who is burning, and residents may find that using the answering machine will be much easier in the long run.  The answering machine will be updated on a daily basis.

(January 25th, 2007)